Brookline MA Kitchen Remodel

Project Description:

No room is quite as multi functional as the kitchen. Its the hub of the home and by removing the wall between the kitchen and living room we were able to give the homeowners just what they dreamed of, a gorgeous kitchen to enjoy with their family!


Project Description:

Siding is often the first thing people notice about your home. Replacing outdated, unappealing siding can not only transform the look of your house but also make it more energy efficient!

Concord, MA Addition

Project Description:

Smart Coats was hired to build an addition onto a 2 family home in Concord MA, increasing the living room footprint. We were asked to renovate the existing kitchen and bathroom in the unit while relocating fixture in the bathroom. We were able to frame and install a shingle roof followed by work on the inside, and we completed the project in a short time frame. The apartment below was occupied during renovation and the team took extra care not to disturb the first floor tenants.

Residential Interior Apartment Renovation

Project Description:

This was a total gut renovation consisting of new kitchen & bathroom, new HVAC system install & new electric & plumbing. The project took 4 months to complete and came out beautifully!

Concord, MA Hardie Siding Replacement

Project Description:

This was a rental house on a property in Concord MA that was rehabbed by Smart Coats. We not only replaced the interior kitchen and bathroom, but we also replaced all of the rotted shingle siding including the sheathing with Hardie Siding and PVC trim. We also replaced the front and side doors while reinforcing the side porch.

Winchester, MA Residential Windows

Project Description:

A residential customer in Winchester had a roof leak in the winter of 2015 and damage their living room windows. These windows were custom built – each weigh over 100 lbs. Smart Coats was hired to remove them and install new Anderson windows. We were able to order and install these windows by working directly with the manufacturer. Even though the initial windows we received were incorrectly designed, the manufacturer corrected their mistake and Smart Coats came back to finish the job. In addition to the windows, we also replaced the roof above and the copper gutters. The home is weather tight!

Roxbury, MA Window Replacement

Window Installation:

1 - Measure Window Size:

2 - Remove Window:

3 - Install New Window & Frame:

4 - Level & Shim To Fit:

5 - Secure To Studs:

6 - Apply Insulation & Moisture Barrier:

7 - Install Window Trim:

Newton, MA Residential Repaint

Project Description:

We painted this house in June of 2016. A neighbor next door also hired us to paint her house, so we ended up painting both houses at the same time. Both clients were extremely happy and gave us great reviews. We found some rotted wood on this house. We showed it to our client and he hired us to replace it before we painted. We wanted to make sure that he was aware of any unforeseen conditions before we started the job.


Brighton, MA Residential Exterior

Project Description:

This house was repainted for a condo association. They kept the same colors. We ended up finishing this house in a week. We scraped, sanded, primed and painted the exterior with 2 coats with Benjamin Moore paint.


Newton Exterior

Project Description:

The paint on this single-family home in Newton was peeling very badly. It also had accumulated lots of dirt and mildew due to being located in a high moisture location. We were able to remove the majority of peeling paint in trouble areas by washing the house and prepping thoroughly. We primed everything with oil based primer and finished with a strong latex top coat to ensure years of durability. The final results are evident that we were able to restore the fantastic curb appeal of this classic Newton home.