We are always looking for talented new additions to the Smart Coats team! Whether your skills orient you toward a career as a Restoration Expert or Project Manager, we welcome all inquiries by individuals looking to learn and grow within the property restoration business.

If interested, please email your resume and/or relevant work history to our HR department (info provided below). Make sure to provide a direct contact phone number and we’ll be sure to reach out to you at our earliest convenience. Thanks!

HR Email Address: careers@smartcoats.com

Current Openings

Smart Coats understands the deep-seated importance of building on strong foundations and we want to help! Every year, we make an effort to engage local area college students in an immersive Summer Marketing Program. These internships are designed to give young entrepreneurs a chance to get their hands dirty and gain valuable real-world experience in the field of marketing. Participants can also earn the opportunity to branch out into the fields of sales and project management if they so desire. We hope that participation in this program will give students the ability to ask more meaningful questions in class based on their experiences in the field, and thus enrich their academic studies going forward.

Ideal candidates for our Summer Internships don’t shy away from hard work. They know that preparation and motivation are essential to achieve success. They are self-starters who are anxious to learn and improve themselves.

Inside sales is the driving force of our organization. These business development reps work tirelessly to stay on top of our client’s ever-changing needs as well as building relationships with new potential clients. Our inside sales team works on both the residential and commercial side of the business. On the residential side they assist with scheduling estimates and coordinating with project managers. On the commercial side they stay in touch with current clients to ensure that upcoming projects receive prompt attention. Meanwhile, developing relationships with new potential clients to see if we can help them meet their facility’s maintenance needs. To us, Business Development is about building and maintaining quality, long-term relationships above all else.

Ideal candidates for our business development office are excited by a challenge. They know that dedication and perseverance are vital to achieving success. Their diligence is only surpassed by their friendly demeanor and natural desire to help others solve problems.

All of our outside sales reps are industry veterans with knowledge of both sales and production. And they are hungry! They understand that there is no shortage of opportunity out there it is only a matter of rising to the occasion. On the residential side of our business outside sales reps help new customers assess their painting and remodeling needs as well as providing estimations for our services. On the commercial side of our business outside sales reps work with both current and new customers. In addition to providing estimation services on a wide range of projects, they also assist with planning, budgeting and scheduling to make sure that all of the variables of each individual project are handled carefully.

Ideal candidates for our outside sales team are experienced sales people with a strong grasp of field production in this industry. They know that authenticity and sincerity are fundamental ingredients of success. They are reliable and punctual with excellent communication skills. They are also highly motivated individuals for whom every passing moment is an opportunity yet to be seized!

Without Project Managers there would be no projects. Our PMs are responsible for managing all aspects of our field production. Once our sales team has hammered out the specifics of the project work scope they communicate all of this essential information over to the PM. The PM coordinates with our client to schedule a start date, coordinates with our crews to ensure the right personnel is at the right place at the right time and most importantly they track field production relentlessly to make sure that all projects are completed on time and on budget. Their ultimate goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction with all work that is being performed.

Ideal candidates for the position of Project Manager are experts at coordination and communication. They are the ultimate organizers and team leaders. Their attention to detail is only surpassed by their punctuality and reliability. Our Project Managers are highly motivated individuals that bring a natural excitement to work with them every day and are able to instill that enthusiasm in others.

Our Office Administrators make up the backbone of our organization. From forecasting and budgeting to planning and scheduling, our administrators ensure that our project managers and executives are working as efficiently and effectively as possible. These detail oriented individuals are also the ones that help us make sense of the information we accumulate over the course of doing business. Ensuring the accuracy of our internal database, analyzing field production data and calculating the success of our marketing efforts are just a few of their essential responsibilities. If our company is anything like a machine then our administrators are the grease that keeps it running!

Ideal candidates for our office administration team love crunching numbers to uncover the secrets they hold! They have backgrounds in finance and marketing, as well as a general knowledge of applied statistics. They have experience utilizing spreadsheet and database software to organize data, draw conclusions and present results that are easy for the novice to read and understand.

Smart Coats contractors are some of the top industry professionals with proven track records of high-quality craftsmanship and impeccable customer service. In addition to being highly skilled tradesman, our contractors go above and beyond to ensure the success of each and every project. It is our goal to make the lives of our contractors easier and more profitable by allowing everyone to focus on only what they do best; their trade. Projects that involve different types of labor will be tackled by multiple crews; all coordinated by our Project Managers to ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time and that nobody’s time is wasted. From painting to carpentry and from plumbing to electrical work we seek to supply not only our clients, but also our contractors, with better experiences from frame to finish.

Ideal candidates for a Smart Coats Approved Contractor designation are dedicated to quality craftsmanship above all else. Crew foreman have very strong communication and multi-tasking skills. They are able to monitor quality control, track field production and ensure customer satisfaction. Their crews consistently finish the vast majority of jobs on time and on budget. Most importantly, they are willing to go above and beyond the work scope on any given project to ensure perfect execution because they know that relationships are more important than bottom lines. Smart Coats Approved Contractors understand that one project is insignificant compared to a lifetime of projects and failing to meet expectations on any one project could jeopardize all future projects.