Attention to detail every step of the way

Every property needs to look its best – a simple paint or touch-up job can clearly demonstrate your commitment to your tenants’ homes. As a facility manager, you know what is important when it comes to picking a contractor. Over the years, we have developed relationships with most of the New England’s premier management companies. Our constant focus on customer service and attention to detail has earned us the reputation of being reliable, driving over a decade of repeat business. Smart Coats has painted all types of facilities and understand what each environment needs.

We pride ourselves on providing accurate quotes, flexible scheduling, superior craftsmanship, reliable communication, and minimal business disruption. Whether you need a simple unit turnover or an overnight common area renovation, we can deliver what you need, day or night, weekends or holidays.

A quality paint job can last many years longer than an inferior one. Smart Coats cares about the longevity of your project, and we won’t cut corners that sacrifice quality. Our painting process has been refined over years of practice and is tailored to the specific demands of each project.

We also provide:

  • Exterior power washing
  • Sealant replacement
  • Carpentry work
  • Parking lot striping
  • Wall covering installation & removal
  • FRP installation
  • Apartment turnover painting
  • ExpressPaint™ Program (We’ll get you ready for last minute visits or inspections!)

Our Process

  1. Protect – Jobsites will be clearly labeled and taped off, wall and ceiling fixtures will be removed, and all non-painting surfaces (including all furniture in occupied units) will be shielded by drop cloths and painter’s tape. Materials and equipment will be stored in an appropriate area designated by management.
  2. Wash – All painting surfaces will be washed to remove any contaminants that could endanger the long-term durability of our work.
  3. Prepare – Painting surfaces will be scraped and sanded until smooth. Loose or rotten wood will be re-secured or replaced, and small cracks will be filled. Bare wood will be primed to ensure proper paint adhesion.
  4. Seal – All joints, seams, cracks, and voids around windows and doors within contracted areas will be caulked to seal out moisture and ensure a smooth finish.
  5. Paint/Stain – Materials will be prepared and applied in accordance with manufacturer’s directions, using the techniques best suited to the surface and paint or stain. Moldings and trim will be left clean, and the final product will be uniform in color and sheen.
  6. Cleanup & Walkthrough – The site will be cleaned and vacuumed daily, and a thorough cleaning will be performed upon project completion. Your project manager will walk you through our work, touch up any needed areas, and ensure the job has been completed to your satisfaction.

Below are some of the products we work with: