Occupied or Vacant Rehab; we have the experience to handle it all!

At Smart Coats, we understand the perpetual need to keep up with trends and remain a competitive choice in your marketplace. Whether you are remodeling kitchens and bathrooms or flooring and finishes, we have the expertise and the workforce to perform work in multiple apartments simultaneously with tight deadlines so you can go back to what you do best; rent!

We manage the entire upgrade process from start to finish, allowing your maintenance team to focus on the rest of your property’s operations. From carpentry and painting to plumbing and electric, we have the resources to provide a “one-stop shop” for your unit-upgrade needs. We have developed relationships with electric and plumbing contractors who work side by side with our crews in vacant or occupied apartments – we turn over 95% of our units back to management on time. It is our goal to be the contractor of choice for New England’s leading property management firms and grow organically over time without compromising quality.

With fast turnaround times, your units can be back on the market within days instead of weeks, allowing your income stream to continue uninterrupted. Our typical turnaround time averages between 4-6 days. Depending on the scope of work, some unit upgrades can be completed in a single day! Often, we perform upgrade work much faster than the allocated timeframe so your units can be ready to rent as soon as possible.

Our rehab services include:

Smart Coats began providing unit rehab services in 2012 – since then we have upgraded thousands of kitchens and bathrooms throughout New England. Whether you have 3 units to upgrade or 300, we can tailor our services and workforce to meet your needs and schedule.

Upgrading and updating units can produce a strong return on your investment. If you are interested in receiving an estimate on unit rehab work please click here or give us a call.

Before and After: