Frequently Asked Questions

Besides painting, what other services does Smart Coats provide?

  • Smart Coats specializes in numerous areas of home improvement ranging from siding, window, door, and flooring installation to other services including power washing, finish carpentry, deck construction and more!

How has your firm been able to encompass such a wide range of services?

  • We developed our range of services by splitting our staff into 2 distinct divisions. Our painting division focuses primarily on residential and commercial painting services, while our remodeling division handles more construction-oriented tasks such as siding and flooring. This division of labor increases efficiency, allowing us to pass those savings on to you, our customer.

How do prices compare to other painting companies?

  • We are competitive with other painting firms, while maintaining our reputation for excellence. It is one of our primary tenets to provide exceptional work at a fair price.

What areas do you operate in?

  • Smart Coats is based in Newton, Massachusetts, and operates throughout the New England region.

Do you have liability insurance and worker’s compensation?

  • Yes, we have up to $10,000,000 Liability Insurance and Full Worker’s Compensation, as well as Commercial Auto Insurance. In addition, we are fully bonded, licensed, EPA certified and OSHA compliant.

What if I have a problem after the paint job is completed?

  • We are here to help! With our Smart Coats Guarantee, comprehensive Smart Coats Warranty on our jobs, and Smart Coats Quality Check Program ©, we proudly stand behind our work. If your property experiences any detrimental effects due to environmental conditions, call us at 1-800-232-1851 and we’ll send a representative to assess the damage and determine whether it falls within the parameters of our warranty coverage. At the conclusion of our assessment if the issue is determined to be within our area of responsibility we will address the problem with all due speed. Please check with your Project Manager regarding warranty specifications for your project.