Keeping you, your family, and the community safe is our highest concern.

Exposure to lead can be harmful for adults and children. The goal of lead-safe work practices is to prevent exposure of lead hazards and minimize the chance of spreading lead dust to the surrounding areas. Lead dust is the most common way people are exposed to lead. For both interior and exterior projects we go to great lengths to ensure lead stays contained.

From the Environmental Protection Agency:

“Federal law requires contractors that disturb painted surfaces in homes, child care facilities and schools, built before 1978 to be certified and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. Always ask to see your contractor’s certification.

Federal law requires that individuals receive certain information before renovating six square feet or more of painted surfaces in a room for interior projects or more than twenty square feet of painted surfaces for exterior projects or window replacement or demolition in housing, child care facilities and schools built before 1978.”

  • Smart Coats is EPA Lead-Safe Certified
  • We are licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards as a Lead-Safe Renovation Contractor
  • All project managers and crew foremen are certified as Lead-Safe Renovator Supervisors under MA 454 CMR 22

In short, all of our lead-safe practices are designed to prevent the spread of lead. While there are suggestions for best practices, every situation is different and therefore every situation will require a unique set of lead-safe practices to ensure that lead dust is contained and removed. Speak to your Project Manager today and they will answer any questions in regards to your Lead-Safe project.