We understand that painting the interior of your home is a very special project. Few things are more personal than the rooms in which you spend most of your time. We want to make sure that your living space is exactly the way you want it. Whether you want a room that is warm and exciting or a room that is cool and calming, our Project Managers will work with you to explore a wide range of styles and design concepts being utilized today.

When it comes to interior painting, one of the most important aspects is attention to detail. From the budget, to the timeline, to the actual preparation and painting process there are certain things that must be done along the way to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment.

Throughout the entire process our crews will treat your home like they would treat their own. We will take the utmost care when protecting not only your furniture but any area we will not be working on such as flooring. We train our crews to pay attention to the little details at all times to ensure that your job is completed correctly.

NOTE: For all houses built before 1978 we are required by law to follow EPA Lead-Safe guidelines on all interior projects. Smart Coats is EPA Lead-Safe Certified and we are fully capable of performing such projects. Please see our Lead-Safe Renovation page for more details on the steps we take to comply with all state and federal guidelines.

Our Process

  1. Protect –  Jobsites will be clearly labeled and taped off, wall and ceiling fixtures will be removed, and all non-painting surfaces (including all furniture in occupied units) will be shielded by drop cloths and painter’s tape. Materials and equipment will be stored in an appropriate area designated by management.
  2. Wash – All painting surfaces will be washed to remove any contaminants that could endanger the long-term durability of our work.
  3. Prepare – Painting surfaces will be scraped and sanded until smooth. Loose or rotten wood will be re-secured or replaced, and small cracks will be filled. Bare wood will be primed to ensure proper paint adhesion.
  4. Seal – All joints, seams, cracks, and voids around windows and doors within contracted areas will be caulked to seal out moisture and ensure a smooth finish.
  5. Paint/Stain – Materials will be prepared and applied in accordance with manufacturer’s directions, using the techniques best suited to the surface and paint or stain. Moldings and trim will be left clean, and the final product will be uniform in color and sheen.
  6. Cleanup & Walkthrough – The site will be cleaned and vacuumed daily, and a thorough cleaning will be performed upon project completion. Your project manager will walk you through our work, touch up any needed areas, and confirm with you that everything has been done just the way you wanted it.

Below are some of the products we work with: