Relax - let the pros do the work!

From painting to remodeling, Smart Coats is a full-service general contractor with experience in all facets of home improvement. We know you’d rather be using your living space than improving it, but putting a little work into your home now will pay off several times over in years to come, both by improving the utility of the space and increasing your property’s value!

These projects can be difficult and stressful. Sorting out the difference between oil based primers and latex finish coats or figuring out how to run new electric into your basement are probably the last things you want to be worrying about.

Fear not! Smart Coats was founded with the goal of making home improvements easy and painless. We’ll help turn this confusing and often frustrating process into an enjoyable and exciting one. From start to finish, one of our Project Managers will be there to answer your questions and guide you the entire way. After a brief site visit and conversation about your goals and expectations, we will craft a personalized plan of action to fit your work scope and budget.

Contact us today and share with us more about the creative vision you have for your property and how we can help you maximize its potential.